GM High Security Flip Keys

GM High Security Flip Keys

GM High Security Flip Keys Product Image

STRATTEC Security Corporation now offers the GM High Security Flip Keys for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox, 2010 GMC Terrain and 2010 Buick LaCrosse. These side mill keys come in 4 button and 5 button configurations.

Part numbers, descriptions and applications are as follows:

5912543, 4 Button Side Mill,2010 Chevrolet Camaro & Equinox

5912545,5 Button Side Mill,2010 Chevrolet Camaro & Equinox

5912547,4 Button Side Mill, 2010 GMC Terrain

5912548, 5 Button Side Mill, 2010 GMC Terrain

5912555, 4 Button Side Mill , 2010 Buick LaCrosse

5912556, 5 Button Side Mill, 2010 Buick LaCrosse

5913396, 4 Button Side Mill, All vehicles listed above

5913397, 5 Button Side Mill, All vehicles listed above

STRATTEC also offers replacement blades and pins for the GM flip keys. There are 7 blades and 5 pins in each bag. The part number is 5915037.

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CyberKey Airâ„¢

Product From CyberLock Inc.

The new CyberKey Air™ is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for wireless key programming of access schedules and permissions as well as real-time tracking and reporting of access events. The CyberKey Air is a programmable smart key that can be uploaded with key-holder schedules and permissions for accessing CyberLock electronic cylinders.

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GTH Multi Transponder Head

Product From Kaba Ilco Corp.

Kaba Ilco Corp. introduces the GTH Multi Transponder Head for use with the Ilco Modular Key System. The GTH head is compatible with the RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus and Plus Box units. A simple, free software update is necessary to clone using the GTH heads. Additional features include:

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12/24V Battery Power Supply

Product From Lockmasters Inc.

Lockmasters’ new 12/24V Battery Power Supply (part # LKMBPS) is a handheld, battery operated device that allows locksmiths to check the hardware without power being available at the door. This 12 or 24 VDC power supply can be used when checking LKM7000 Series Locks, mag locks, electric strikes, etc. when power is not readily available. It has a selectable 12 or 24 volt DC switch so you can apply the correct voltage to the device for testing. It is shipped with red and black plug-in leads with interchangeable testing tips. It has one set of alligator clips, a set of pointed probes and one set of retractable hooks, all color coded black and red.

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Five New Key Shapes

Product From Lucky Line Products Inc.

The first comprehensive line to market of original, copyright-protected SHAPED KEYS has just increased to more than 30 unique shapes.  All are high quality brass keys with enamel coating, printed with deep colors and manufactured to strictest tolerance using ISO 9001 certified factory. Available keyways are:

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Miniature Socket Sets

Product From Bondhus Corporation

Bondhus Corporation has expanded its line of high quality miniature socket sets. The R-GO set includes a ratchet with the exclusive FELO Ergonic handle. The XS set is small enough to fit in a pocket. The FELO line also includes: Screwdrivers, Bit Drivers, Combination Standard/Precision Sets and Pliers. Each FELO tool is machined to exacting German standards. These tools deliver fantastic performance and last a lifetime.

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Keyless Entry Battery Kits

Product From Renata Batteries of Switzerland

Renata Batteries of Switzerland announces 2 new Keyless Entry battery assortments designed especially for the professional locksmith.  These assortments simplify entry into the profitable keyless entry replacement battery business, while generating exceptional gross profit margins on an on-going basis.

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CyberKey PowerPort

Product From CyberLock Inc.

CyberLock, Inc. introduces its CyberKey PowerPort™ smart key charger, a compact charger for use with all rechargeable CyberKey smart keys including the RXD II, the RXD, the RCG, and the CyberKey Blue. One side of the PowerPort fits the tip of a CyberKey. The other side of the PowerPort fits any standard USB port. The PowerPort is designed to work with off-the-shelf USB wall chargers and car chargers. However, it will also charge a CyberKey from most USB ports on desktops or laptops.

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PINGI Dehumidifier

Product From Whole Product Solution LLC

PINGI gets rid of moisture in smaller spaces and fights musty odors and mildew. PINGI products can be recharged in the microwave and reused many times.  Its built-in moisture indicator tells you when it’s time to recharge.  Perfect for Home, Boat, RV, Safes and more! 

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Torque Limiting Screwdriver

Product From Bondhus Corporation

Bondhus introduces its ClickSet™ line of patented, torque limiting screwdrivers that offer an economical solution to the problem of stripped screws and damaged carbide inserts. Screwdriver handles are available in 10 standard pre-set torque levels ranging from 4.4 to 31 lbs. Interchangeable blades allow the tool user to custom match the desired torque limiting level with the tool tip. When the preset torque level is reached, the mechanism slips and makes an audible “click.”

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2013 Ford Keys

Product From Strattec Security Corp.

STRATTEC remains committed to supplying the most components for high security lock and keys to the locksmith market through licensing agreements with Ford.  The newly redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ utilize either a flip blade pushbutton (Ford 4 button flip-5924003)  key or in the case of the Lincoln, passive keys only. Both 4- and 5-button configurations are used on both vehicles (Ford 4 button PEPS – 5923895, Ford 5 button PEPS – 5923896, Lincoln 4 button PEPS – 5923897, Lincoln 5 Button PEPS - 5923898). The emergency key for the passive unit is housed inside the FOB (4223891). Because of supply issues at the assembly plants we have not released the 5924003 to the aftermarket.  As soon as we have sufficient inventory we will make it available.  No lock repair kits are currently available for these vehicle applications. 

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