K-ETD Emergency Transfer Dial

K-ETD Emergency Transfer Dial

K-ETD Emergency Transfer Dial Product Image

Keedex introduces its K-ETD Emergency Transfer Dial. Its large format, easy-to-read dial is set away from the hole that you are viewing inside of. The transfer from the small dial to the large dial is a one to one ratio - geared accurately to within one-tenth of a number. You may well be able to manipulate with the K-ETD Emergency Transfer Dial.

Also new from Keedex are the Keedex LIT-M "Moonlight" fiber optic attachment for Mini-MagliteTM flashlight and the U-HOLD Universal Scope Holder. Information: www.keedex.com

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Product From Lockmasters Inc

Lockmasters is re-releasing the "Read-Eze" - one the most useful manipulation aids of the past 50 years - along with several improvements to create the new "Read-Eze II". The "Read-Eze II" provides magnification to enhance the smallest of indications and features integrated LED illumination to intensify dial graduations. This greatly reduces eyestrain and makes accurate contact point readings much easier. The complete kit includes Lockmasters' patented combination lock manipulation graph paper, hairline indexes and contact point indicators along with the Read-Eze II in a hard carrying case. Call 800-654-0637.

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X0125 Commercial Security Safe

Product From SentrySafe

Designed to protect cash, records and valuables, the SentrySafe X0125 Commercial Security Safe features solid steel pry-resistant door and body to protect against theft and unauthorized entry.  

Dimensions are: Exterior 10.6in x 16.9in x 14.6in. Interior 0.5in x 16.8in x 11.6in. Capacity 1.2ft. Weight 30 pounds.

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Torque Limiting Screwdriver

Product From Bondhus Corporation

New “ClickSet™” torque-limiting screwdrivers offer an economical solution to the problem of stripped screws and damaged carbide inserts. The screwdriver handles are available in 10 standard pre-set torque levels ranging from 4.4 in lbs. (.5NM) to 31 in lbs. (3.5NM). Interchangeable blades covering sizes T5-T15, 1.5mm to 3mm and .050” to 1/8” allow thetool user to custom-match the desired torque limiting level with the tool tip. When the pre-set torque level is reached, the mechanism slips and makes an audible “click”.

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CyberKey Airâ„¢

Product From CyberLock Inc.

The new CyberKey Air™ is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for wireless key programming of access schedules and permissions as well as real-time tracking and reporting of access events. The CyberKey Air is a programmable smart key that can be uploaded with key-holder schedules and permissions for accessing CyberLock electronic cylinders.

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TCode Pro/MVP User Manual

Product From Advanced Diagnostics, USA

The  2014 TCode Pro/MVP User Manual is available from Advanced Diagnostics USA. Updated sections include Honda/Acura 2013, Chrysler Prox, Chrysler/Dodge 2013, Fiat 300, Ford Key Pad, GM Prox, GM Remotes, Kia/Hyundai 2013, Nissan/Infiniti 2013, Subaru Remotes, Toyota Prius and Toyota Lexus 2013. For more information, visit  

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X-10 With Backlit LED

Product From Kaba

Kaba Mas announces a Backlit LCD feature on all X-10 Locks.  Poorly lit areas make it difficult to see a lock’s visual control. Temporary lighting is a potential security issue.  With this new backlit feature, simply turn the dial and the X-10 LCD screen illuminates. The X-10 was originally designed with the backlit feature in mind. The Backlit Feature now comes standard on all X-10’s. Nothing else changes - including part numbers or price.

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Fatboy Safe

Product From Dean Safe

Dean Safe Co. is offering Liberty’s special edition Fatboy safe with an incredible patriotic scene that will inspire all who see it.  The Fatboy is a high-quality safe for the collector, holding a total of 64 long guns.  The safe measures 60.5”T x 42”w x 27.5”d, has an S&G electronic lock, and boasts a 75-minute fire rating.  The beautiful patriotic wrap on this safe will make your customers want to showcase this masterpiece in their homes. 

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EMP Gun Safes

Product From Hollon Safe

Hollon Safe has introduced a new line of gun safes that protects against a specific – and growing – type of high-tech threat. The Republic and Reserve series safes already come standard with a new and improved dial lock from Big Red. But now the just-introduced

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Futura Key Machine

Product From Kaba Ilco Corp.

Kaba Ilco Corp. introduces its innovative Futura advanced electronic key cutting machine, designed and engineered to cut by code, decode and copy laser style high security, edge cut, dimple, and cruciform style keys…all on one machine. Futura standard cutters and jaws will cover over 90% of the edge cut and laser style keys on the market today. Capabilities may be expanded to include Tibbe, tubular style keys and more with the optional accessories.

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LED String Lights

Product From Larson Electronics

Industrial lighting specialists Larson Electronics reveals their newly designed Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 explosion proof LED string lights, ideal for general close work and inspection activities in hazardous locations requiring explosion proof protection. The

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