Steelcraft, An Allegion Brand

Steelcraft® Debuts New Stainless Steel LS-Series Doors & FS-Series Frames

CARMEL, IN, May 30, 2012– Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies introduces its new stainless steel Steelcraft LS-Series doors and FS-Series frames. The new doors and frames offer effective performance even in notoriously harsh environments such as waste water treatment plants, food processing plants, bio laboratories and indoor aquatic environments. Steelcraft stainless steel doors and frames and internal components are fabricated from 100 percent stainless steel, never clad, to ensure that there is no contamination from dissimilar metals that can result in galvanic corrosion.

“The addition of stainless steel doors and frames to the rest of our line provides a total Steelcraft solution for our dealers and integrators by using Steelcraft products for projects that require stainless steel doors and frames in addition to hollow metal,“ emphasizes Jeff Necastro, Product Manager for Steelcraft Doors and Frames at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “Steelcraft stainless steel doors and frames also offer a striking look combined with performance that is ideal for airports, restaurants, museums and performing arts centers. LS-Series doors and FS-Series frames are also environmentally friendly since stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable.”

Steelcraft’s new line of stainless steel doors and frames are available both in a standard offering and can be customized to fit the most demanding application performance or aesthetic design requirements.