Mercury Access Control Systems Powered by SALTO

Mercury Access Control panels are now implementing SALTO SALLIS wireless locking devices to expand existing access control systems. SALTO's SALLIS wireless technology gives Mercury Security Corporation the benefits of stand-alone locks on any door including panic bars, glass door locks and electronic cylinders.

SALTO’s SALLIS devices communicate wirelessly with Mercury access control panels, dramatically reducing the installation costs of access control devices. The online wireless devices are easy to install; and they permit the use of existing credentials, avoiding expensive migration costs. The ergonomic architecture of the system enables the connection of several devices to a single node. One router can manage several wireless communicating locks.

SALTO’s access control systems are found on over 1,000,000 doors, on more than 4,500 projects in over 70 countries.

Mercury Security Corporation, Long Beach, CA, has focused solely on the creation and supply of OEM access control hardware, with an installed base of 1.5 million panels