Medeco, An ASSA ABLOY Group Brand

ASIS 2011 Attendees Up to the Challenge

Attendees at ASIS 2011 learned just how easy it is to add audit and scheduling features to existing lock systems via Medeco’s exciting eCylinder Challenge. Challenge participants competed in timed races to see how quickly they could replace a standard mortise lock with a Medeco electronic cylinder. The time to beat on the first day? One minute and 14 seconds.

Joseph Kingma, Director of eCylinder Business Development said the challenge was a great way for Medeco to engage with attendees at the show and demonstrate the ease of installing an eCylinder over traditional EAC sytems.

“Installing traditional electronic control systems is time consuming and expensive, and often not all features are utilized. With eCylinders, in less than five minutes any door can become equipped with audit and scheduling to prevent future loss and liability.”

These days, everyone is looking at how electronic technology can benefit their organization or facility. According to Kingma, for the attendees at ASIS, being able to tap into those benefits quickly and cost-effectively is a tremendous benefit and something they’ve been searching for.”

“The response has been terrific, not only at how fun and exciting participants are finding the challenge, but also at how amazed they are at the ease and effectiveness of the technology.”

The overall time to beat since Medeco introduced the challenge at ALOA in August, is 38 seconds. So as ASIS headed into day two, the question was who might beat that record?