ALOA Scholarship Fund Supports Alabama Disaster Relief

The non-profit ALOA Scholarship Foundation (ASF) has donated Inventory Surplus comprised of 294 Dorma and Arrow leverets, knobsets and deadbolts, a value in excess of $22,000, to the Alabama Disaster Relief. This inventory has been donated by lock manufacturers, security distributors and individuals to generate monies to support the scholarship of men and women entering the security field.

Tom R. Demont, ASF President commented: “There is a time when we must all step forward to help not only those close to us but lend aid to others in dire need.

The mission of the ALOA Scholarship Foundation is to provide educational services, programs and assistance for the locksmith/security industry. To contribute to the ASF, visit the ASF website at; To donate excess inventory, or to purchase any of the remaining surplus inventory at an ASF discounted price, visit: