BHMA Brings Certification Process to Life with Multimedia Resources

NEW YORK, NY (August 22, 2014) – The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) has added a new video and two infographics designed to better illustrate the BHMA Certification process to its website, These tools are part of the groups’ ongoing efforts to educate the industry about the BHMA certification process.

“BHMA maintains and updates more than 35 rigorous standards for builders hardware products, adding new standards each year. The new resources we’ve added to our website are intended to be an at-a-glance introduction to the BHMA Certification process. Whether you’re a member, architect, specifier, or student, you can go to the BHMA website and download these infographics or watch our video to get a clear idea about what goes into getting a product certified,” said BHMA Executive Director Ralph Vasami.

The four-minute animated video addresses many of the most commonly asked questions about BHMA Certification. It leads viewers through the testing and certification process – from application, to testing at a designated BHMA lab, through the creation of the listing, final approval, and periodic audits – with supportive graphics and simple terminology. For those looking for a useful take-away, BHMA has provided an accompanying one-page infographic titled “Steps to Certification” highlighting the most important points from the video.

A second infographic titled “Is It a BHMA Certified Product?” has been created to help industry professionals properly identify genuine BHMA Certified products. “This graphic is part of BHMA’s responsibility to oversee and protect the certification level. We receive dozens of inquiries each month about the certification process and how to assure that products are truly certified to our standards,” said Tim Bennett, BHMA Program Director.

These new materials are available for viewing or download at the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association website,