ABUS USA Launches Video Surveillance Product Line

June 4, 2014 (Phoenix, AZ) – Starting this month, ABUS will expand its product offering in the United States with a new line of video surveillance sets. These new electronic security products include two different monitor and camera sets, two types of accessory cameras and an electronic door viewer.

The new monitor and camera sets as well as the door viewer are part of ASC’s Plug-n-Play product line, offering a quick and easy setup.The TVAC15000C is an entry-level product with a 3.5” monitor and a wireless night-vision camera with motion detection. The TVAC16000C second consists of a 7” touch screen monitor, a wireless night-vision camera and an app that can be used to monitor homes or small businesses from anywhere in the world using a tablet or smartphone. Both sets support a maximum of 4 cameras that can be purchased separately.

The HD door viewer is mounted on the inside of a front door in place of an ordinary and already existing spyhole. Activate the screen with the push of a button to clearly and quickly see who is on the other side of the
door. This unit also captures HD quality photos.

“With the introduction of the video surveillance products, we are now able to offer a bigger part of the company’s product range which is great because many people in the U.S. aren’t familiar with all that ABUS has to offer,” said Jade Meyer, regional sales manager, ABUS USA. “Our strength lies in the ability to offer complete security concepts and we have just added another piece to the puzzle.”

ABUS boasts an extensive history in the field of video surveillance.Its daughter company ‘ABUS Security-Center’ (ASC) has been offering cameras, monitors and alarm systems for 15 years and are developing their own software solutions.