Zwipe Wins American SESAMES Innovation in Identification Award

OSLO, NORWAY –  Zwipe's new biometric card was named the winner of the first annual American SESAMES Award at the CARTES Secure Connexions Show Dinner held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas earlier this month. The American SESAMES Awards competition rewards the best technological innovations that span the entire identification sector of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless technology. The members of the jury were all international experts in their categories, chosen for their involvement in associations and organizations for the promotion and development of smart technologies.

“This is another verification of how important it is to have biometrics directly on the card itself,” emphasizes Kim Humborstad. “When the industry’s leading authorities acknowledge the need for a solution that provides a biometric solution so quickly and efficiently, it gives our prospects the confidence that this is the type of product that their customers want and need.”

Moving the biometric technology from the reader to the card, Zwipe’s innovative on-card authentication gives organizations the ability to upgrade their access control systems to biometrics practically overnight. Eliminating the need to swap out traditional card readers for biometric readers, Zwipe provides a simple and cost-effective solution for biometric access control. The contactless Zwipe biometric card reads the user’s fingerprint in less than one second and, once verified, sends a signal to the reader to unlock the door. This eliminates the risk of lost or stolen cards being used for unauthorized access as well as strengthening the audit trail of accountability.

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