Mul-T-Lock Introduces Home Protection System Selector

Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc. introduces, an easy-to-use Home Protection System selector to help residential clients quickly learn more about protecting their doors.  Designed to secure homes with multiple layers of security while residents are both home and away, Mul-T-Lock’s Home Protection utilizes three complementary components:

  • The Digital Door Viewer (DDV) – This innovative and superior alternative to a standard peephole allows users to see who is at or approaching their door.  With infrared technology, it displays a clear image even in low lighting.  The DDV can capture videos or still shots of those outside the door and can even record snapshots of visitors who ring the bell while the homeowner is away. Click on the Related Content tab to download detailed installation instructions in pdf format.
  • The Hercular Deadbolt - Renowned for its immense strength, durability and resistance to kicking, picking, drilling, bumping, and more, the Hercular is of the strongest deadbolts on the market today and aids in protecting against unauthorized entry by force or by subtle manipulation.
  • Patented Mul-T-Lock Keys – The Hercular deadbolt is also equipped with Mul-T-Lock’s patented key and locking technology.  Patented keys give key owners enhanced control over who can and who cannot obtain copies of their keys.  As keys may only be duplicated by authorized persons who present a unique key id card to an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer, the risk of an unwelcome guest obtaining a key is virtually eliminated.  Mul-T-Lock keys also allow for highly specialized keying options such as 3in1 keying which allows the user to rekey their own locks by simply turning a key and FleX control keying, which lets the key owner add or revoke temporary authorization of a guest key as often as necessary without requiring any electronic elements.

Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc. Marketing Manager, Sheri Butts, explains, “With so many different security products on the market today, choosing the right ones can be difficult and confusing.  We created this selection tool to help simplify the process for homeowners.  Often, residents aren’t sure which security threats they need to guard against, so we’ve identified the solutions that every door needs.  This system offers a modern way to address age old security concerns.  One of the first safety tips we learn, even as a child is to ask who’s at the door before you open.  And as we know, all  doors should be equipped with a strong lock that can resist all types of unwanted entry – from forced methods such as kicking and picking to more discreet methods that can result from someone getting a key without your knowledge.  The home protection system covers all these bases and gives customers a convenient way to see the options and get the information they want with just a few clicks.”