Nashville Locksmiths Maximize Credential Use at Local Water Authority

Serving over 176,000 water accounts and 189,000 sewer accounts, a Tennesee water authority has a straightforward mission: provide safe and reliable drinking water as well as wastewater treatment and stormwater management services that protect the community and environment. On its security checklist is to administer strict access control at their main office building, water treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plants.

To control and monitor entrance at the headquarters, the water authority installed a hard-wired online access control system that requires an employee to present a proximity (PROX) card before entering a perimeter door. Outlying plants were equipped with traditional locksets/keys. In order to maintain their mission, the authority decided to seek an enhanced access control solution at the remote sites. The new system would have to work with their existing PROX cards.

“Over the last ten years, my customer like other water authority facilities faced tightening up security,” notes locksmith Andy Phelps, co-owner of Hosse and Hosse Safe & Lock. “One of the simplest ways to achieve that is with the elimination of keys. When the security director approached me about a solution for their treatment plants, he indicated that it would have to accommodate their PROX credentials, I recommended the E-Plex 5700 Lock.”

The Kaba E-Plex 5700 is an electronic lock with dual-credential capability—PIN and/or PROX card (HID, 125 kHz, 26 to84-bit format). The lock has several locking device options, including cylindrical, mortise, and exit trim.

The lock’s features include:

  • 3,000 users per door
  • 30,000 audit events
  • Access schedules
  • Adjustable user parameters
  • Multiple authority levels
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified
  • Optional Enterprise Software  (for extended capabilities)

Phelps installed seven E-Plex 5700 locks throughout the water authority’s different plants, and the water authority has budgeted for the installation of three or four more locks.

“Another aspect that I like about the Kaba locks is that I can add locks or move locks when it suits the water authority (or any other customer),” adds Phelps. “And, on certain E-Plex models I can add a wireless feature to existing locks with simple upgrade kits. Kaba locks help our business provide flexible, modular solutions for today and tomorrow.”


Profile: Hosse and Hosse Safe and Lock

As the oldest continuous working locksmith company and the 7th oldest local business in Nashville, Hosse and Hosse has provided locksmith services to Nashville and Middle Tennessee businesses and residents since 1865. The company offers a full range of products, including locksets, commercial locks, safes, file cabinet keys, high security locks, automotive and electronic access control. Current owners are Andy Phelps CRL and Eric Roberts

 “For roughly 23 years I’ve practiced locksmithing,” says Phelps. “I spent the first 20 years of my locksmith career as a sole proprietor; it wasn’t until three years ago that Eric and I merged our mobile businesses and bought the locksmith shop Hosse and Hosse Safe and Lock.”

 Since their undertaking, Phelps and Roberts have doubled their staff from a four-man operation to an eight-man and expanded their product offerings to include Kaba’s FIPs 201 approved locks and Enterprise Access Control System with Wireless Option.

Phelps is factory certified/trained on Simplex® Locks, Standard and Enterprise Software, E-Plex® 5800 Locks (FIPs), and E-Plex Wireless.

“We’ve provided a variety of electronic locks over the years, but we’ve gravitated towards the Kaba products,” says Phelps. “Not only is the lock warranty good, the locks are easy to install and program (whether at the keypad or with software). I have worked with Kaba locks for about eight years, and whether we sell it and install it or the customer installs the lock, it’s just four ¼” holes drilled in the door. The ‘Lectrobolt’ feature eliminates running wires to or through the door, so there is no risk of damage from pinched wires. And, that’s a big plus — it makes for a nice easy installation.”

Hosse and Hosse is located at 918 Woodland St., Nashville, TN 37206. Website:

Source: Kaba From The Field, Kaba ADS Americas