Video Surveillance Opportunities In The Legalized Marijuana Industry

DirectView Security sees tremendous growth potential as companies scramble to develop a foothold and meet the ever changing legal requirements for security for both growers and dispensaries.

NEW YORK, February 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --DirectView Security Systems, Inc. ("DirectView Security"), has begun early stage discussions with several marijuana industry companies to provide a number of potential video surveillance and access control solutions.

DirectView Security sees tremendous growth potential in this rapidly evolving industry as companies scramble to develop a foothold and meet the ever changing legal requirements for security for both growers and dispensaries.   According to several published reports. typical dispensaries will need to employ dozens of security cameras, motion detectors, infrared sensors, and 24/7 recording.  At most dispensaries, those entering must pass through three doors, show ID and present a verified doctor's note.

With the sale of medical marijuana being approved and rolled out in over 18 states and the sale of marijuana for recreational use already approved in Colorado and Washington, this industry is experiencing rapid growth.  According to an April 2013 article published in the Wall Street Journal, an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 businesses produce marijuana legally under state laws.

In each state a marijuana-related company must meet strict guidelines for security and these requirements often vary.   In Massachusetts, for example, according to a February 2014 article in the Boston Globe, the law requires video cameras to be installed and operating in all areas that contain marijuana: in parking lots, safes, vaults, sales areas, and in grow houses where marijuana is cultivated, harvested, processed, and dispensed. The article also cited that in recent years, robberies stretching from Colorado to California have been attributed to the flow of cash and lack of access to banks, plus the street value of stolen marijuana further emphasizing the need for security.

DirectView Security, which currently provides an array of video and surveillance solutions for major international hotels, real estate development companies, and educational institutions believes it is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the security needs of the marijuana industry as many large players have chosen to avoid the industry at this time and most small companies lack the experience of providing a full turnkey solution that will conform to strict guidelines.   DirectView intends to aggressively pursue the potential opportunities in its current pipeline and work to expand its marketing efforts to this industry in 2014.

Commenting on the announcement, Roger Ralston, CEO and Chairman of DirectView, stated, "We see this industry as a natural fit for DirectView Security as we have a unique skill set to meet very intricate security needs.  Having worked to provide security products and solutions for large hotels, and several banks we have a strong understanding of complex security needs and how to provide the most cost effective solutions.  We are excited about working to establish a footprint in this fast growing industry and believe this could represent a strong growth driver for our business in the coming years."

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SOURCE DirectView Holdings, Inc.

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