Lockey Wine Bottle Lock Recommended by Wine Spectator, Food Network

Looking for an unusual holiday gift for the wine lovers on your list? Lockey USA may have just what you need. Lockey’s wine bottle lock has been receiving a lot of media coverage this season.

“This is too good to be true: a lock to keep people out of an open bottle. Though we suspect it will be given in jest to especially stingy wine lovers, it's a fully functional piece of equipment. And it was not made by a gag shop or a wine accessories company, but Lockey, a Michigan-based lock manufacturer,” says Wine Spectator Magazine. Read Wine Spectator’s recommendation here:http://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/49317

The lock is also number 28 on the Food Network’s 100 Gifts for Food Lovers list. See it here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/holidays-and-parties/100-gifts-for-food-lovers/pictures/index.html

Here is the Tamper Evident Combination Bottle Lock online product description:?

Monitor and secure your finest wines and liquors with the Lockey tamper evident bottle lock. Whether it's to keep out of reach of children, or stop those pesky roommates from sipping on your stash, the Bot-Loc is the perfect solution.


  • Combination is customizable.
  • Fits a wide variety of wine and liquor bottles.
  • Tamper evident to eliminate the quesswork.

We don’t know if your local locksmith distributor stocks this particular item, but it is available online. Here is the list of sellers posted by Lockey: http://www.lockeyusa.com/buy-online.html