Belwith Products, LLC Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

GRANDVILLE, Mich., /PRNewswire/ -- Belwith Products, LLC, along with its divisions Keeler, Hickory Hardware, SecuRemote and First Watch Security, announce their 5-year anniversary, Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

Belwith Products, LLC ("Belwith"), has a unique array of expertise. Its divisions, Keeler and Hickory Hardware, have a deep knowledge of designing and manufacturing decorative furniture, cabinet and architectural door hardware. Belwith's SecuRemote and First Watch Security divisions are leading innovators in combining "Smart Technology" with the development of security devices.

Belwith has combined the technological knowledge of SecuRemote, the expertise in hardware design from Keeler and the production capabilities of Hickory Hardware to release many new products in the last five years. This collaboration ensures that Belwith will continue to release innovative products for many years to come.

Belwith's offerings by division:
Keeler: Fine and exclusive furniture, cabinet and door hardware 
Hickory Hardware: Fashionable furniture and cabinet hardware 
First Watch Security: A complete assortment of security products
SecuRemote: The latest in "Smart Technology" which allows users to control various products using their smartphone

For more information on Belwith and its divisions, please check out their websites:
Belwith Products:
Hickory Hardware:
First Watch Security:


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