Special-Lite Training Video: “Replacing Existing Doors in Hollow Metal Frames"

Special-Lite, Inc's new video training program. “Replacing Existing Doors in Hollow Metal Frames.” is now available for installers to order free from their website.  The nearly 10-minute DVD illustrates to installers how easy it is to achieve the same functionality and appearance of a new door and frame without the risk of demolition to an existing hollow metal frame.

Hollow metal frames are often mortared into place during construction making frame removal expensive and time consuming, as well as carrying a high risk of damage to existing masonry.  Settling of buildings can also cause out of plumb conditions on the existing frame that must be corrected before a new door can be installed.

To address both these common issues Special-Lite has developed an insert frame that is designed to return the opening into a plumb and squared condition and provide secure attachment for installation of a new door.

Special-Lite’s step-by-step instructional DVD is a great resource for installers to understand the proper technique for measuring and ordering a replacement door as well as how to mount a new door and Special-Lite insert frame into a hollow metal frame that was part of the original building construction. 

For a copy of the Special-Lite DVD “Replacing Existing Doors in Hollow Metal Frames,” call 1-800-821-6531 or order online at special-lite.com.