SAVI™ Helps Pros Help Educators

Amityville, NY --  Napco Security Technologies recently unveiled a new solution for the increasingly urgent problem of securing today’s schools.  Since 1996, in the US schools system, 78 shootings have taken place, leaving 270 wounded and taking 306 lives. Only last week in Nevada, more deaths were sadly added to that number.  Napco Security Technologies and its family of security-dedicated companies has developed a FREE tool and training for security professionals to help educators determine what security measures are needed to secure their schools from unwanted intruders.  Napco has recently released SAVI™, the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index™, an informative evaluation tool created utilizing input from dozens of security experts in numerous fields/disciplines. SAVI is a dynamic electronic form a security professional fills out for his/her prospective customers to help assess their current security level, and subsequently shows them what steps they can incrementally take to add more meaningful security measures, calculating the respective values for each. Napco is offering professional training and certification on the SAVI system in the field and online to help security professionals connect with eager K-12 schools and university end users.

Without bias toward any particular security solutions or products, Napco and its three other security-focused divisions, Alarm Lock, Continental Access and Marks, have objectively quantified what is needed from the multiple security technologies available, to help evaluate and thus better protect a school, university or campus from an attack by an intruder or active shooter. The security professional simply surveys what kinds of security a school currently has in place, and SAVI, a brief electronic checklist-type form, automatically calculates a score for that school now, to provide insight for the future improvement. The security professional uses SAVI to create a plan of actionable next-steps to suggest and deploy, to increase the school’s security and SAVI score, ranging widely from adding better gates, to classroom intruder locksets to standalone digital access locks with lockdown keyfobs, or a real-time integrated access system with visitor management and video, etc.

For more on SAVI professional certification training  in the field or online, contact NAPCO Security Technologies 1-800-645-9445 or  email  And, for more on the Company’s school lockdown product offerings see us at GOVSECWEST/CPM Show in Dallas, Booth 210, Nov 19 and 20,  or see us online at