ALOA Institutional Locksmiths Announces 1st Board of Directors

ALOA Institutional Locksmiths (AIL) announces the formation of the first AIL Board of Directors.

"I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a board of directors of this caliber. Collectively, this board has decades of experience in the locksmith industry , as well as vast experience in association management," explains AIL president John Truempy, ICML, CRL, CMIL, IFDI. "Now that the AIL board is formally in place, I look forward to proceeding quickly with implementing programs for our members. The feedback that I'll be receiving from these experienced locksmith and security professionals will be invaluable."

The new board includes:

Director Jack Walder, CJIL, CFDI, CRL - Walder is a recent past-president of a national locksmith association representing in-house locksmiths. He's has had a long career as a locksmith, as well as sales representative for a major lock hardware supplier. With over 25 years of experience in the trade, he's currently the lock shop supervisor at North Carolina State University.

Director Dale Bowman, CML, CPP, CJIL - This former Marine is currently the Southeast Regional Director at Medeco Security Locks, having started with the company in 1999. He has also recently served in-house locksmiths as secretary of a national association. Bowman will also be the first chairman of the AIL Manufactures & Distributors Committee.

Trustee, Vernon Kelley, CPL, CFDI, CMIL, IFDI - Presently, Kelley is the Supervisor of Access Control for The College of New Jersey. A locksmith since 1989, he has specialized in institutional locksmithing since 1995. He has served at the national and local level for numerous locksmith associations, and is a past ALOA SPAI Northeast Director.