ABUS Goes Green: Factory Achieves UL Environment Claim Validation

Phoenix, AZ – On July 1, 2013, ABUS’s largest factory, ABUS Hardware Limited, received an environmental claim validation from Underwriter’s Laboratories Environment (ULE). The facility is the first in the world to “achieve virtually zero waste to landfill operations in 2012 at a 98 percent landfill diversion rate,” according to ULE.

This prestigious validation will apply to all products manufactured in the ABUS Hardware Limited facility, including brass padlocks, steel padlocks, plastic padlocks, aluminum padlocks, and combination padlocks along with brass cylinders.
In addition to receiving this environmental claim validation, two of ABUS’s most influential safety industry-focused products, the aluminum 72 series and nonconductive 74 series, have been awarded a further recognition from ULE. Both series of padlocks have met the “recycled content” ULE claim validation requirements, containing an
average of 73 percent recycled materials.

The aluminum 72 series and nonconductive 74 series are both a part of ABUS’s environmentally-friendly ECOLUTION™ line. This line of products boasts the use of nonhazardous, cadmium-free plating, FDA-approved lubricants and recycled materials in padlocks and packaging.

“ABUS is one of the few security products manufacturers to now offer ULE validated products in the U.S. market,” commented Zac Twight, President and CEO of ABUS USA. “We are very excited to provide this added benefit to our customers.”