Sesamee® Introduces SFIC & KIK Hidden Shackle Padlocks: Watch The Video

July 2013, Wheeling, Illinois—Sesamee® Hidden Shackle padlocks offer the greatest security and fit for real world applications. They are virtually indestructible, with hardened, chrome plated solid steel bodies that resist cutting, sawing and corrosion and hardened boron alloy steel shackles that offer superior cut resistance.

Watch CCL's video of this new product:

The Sesamee® 930SFIC & 930KIK series accepts 6- or 7-pin cylinders from all the leading manufacturers. They fit standard Hasps in the industry, ideal for securing security gates, sheds, truck and van doors, industrial machinery and construction equipment.

Features and Benefits of the Sesamee® 930SFIC & KIK series:
• Molybdenum Alloy Shackle- Extra protection against cutting
• Double ball bearing locking mechanism- Extra protection to resist picking, pulling and prying
• Solid steel body- Added resistance to corrosion
• 2-7/8” diameter to fit standard hasp

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