New IDN Website Addresses School Security

Locksmith distributor IDN's new web site, www.idnedu.comis a tool to help customers match common security concerns with examples of solutions that are available. The products and services shown are a small subset of the overall solution set, but they are representative of the products and methods being used to enhance security in schools at all levels - from K-12 through large universities.

The new web site covers the following security solutions:

School Security Checklist: Overview of School Security including a checklist of things to consider when reviewing the security within the facility

Main Entrance: At a main entrance of a building, monitoring visitors is a top security need

Classrooms: A variety of lockdown products to protect staff and students

Lockers: Lockers should be accessible by staff in the event of a security search

Fire & Life Safety: Are doors within the facility fire rated? Are emergency egress doors locked?

Campus/School Video Monitoring: Are all access doors monitored and recorded at all times?

Securing Cabinets & Drawers: Securing cabinets in a school facility expands beyond a file cabinet.

ADA Compliance: ADA Compliance includes power operators to open a door automatically

Campus Security: Key control without the key

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