Video Link Added: LCN Door Closers Featured On “Manufacturing Marvels”

CARMEL, IND., July 22, 2013 – The nationally syndicated series, “Manufacturing Marvels,” on The Fox Business Network will showcase LCN door closers, a brand of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, on Monday, July 29, between 9:35-9:45 pm EDT. The two-minute profile will spotlight the LCN brand, its products and its commitment to quality.

Click here to watch the coverage:

Since 1880, LCN has been on the cutting edge of technology producing surface and concealed door closers along with ADA automatic door openers. These devices are found in high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, government buildings and commercial settings. As the nation’s premier door closer manufacturer, LCN door closers keep doors from opening too quickly or slamming shut, protecting pedestrian traffic as well as the door frame. They enhance security by ensuring doors latch and provide fire and life safety by adhering to stringent building codes.

The program will explain that LCN door closers are built with premium materials which withstand years of frequent use and impact. These include cast iron cylinders and the strongest three-quarter inch pinion and widest bearing available. They also offer forged steel arms and the brand’s easy-to-read, easy-to-turn Fast Power Adjust Dial, that simplifies maintenance. In addition, they outperform ANSI standards for durability, efficiency and real world use. LCN places a strong emphasis on its customer service associates who work at the plant and consult with engineers when a customer has custom applications.