Napco Gemini System Protects History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” Shop

Amidst the usual chaotic humor and historical factoids presented weekly on History®’s popular show ,“Pawn Stars®”, depicting the actual day-to-day business of the real  Las Vegas World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop,  the recent episode of its new season, starring a wounded Corey, entitled “King of Pain” (Premiered June 20, 2013 - 09:00PM ET) also inadvertently co-starred Napco’s Popular Gemini Keypad protecting the updated, expanded star-powered pawn shop, known for dealing in fine jewelry and valuable historic artifacts.

The great success of the American reality TV show “Pawn Stars” has reportedly been a boon to the real Gold & Silver Pawn Shop location, now a Las Vegas tourist destination.  It is said to have gone from serving an average of 70 to 100 customers daily to over 1000/day in 2010.  To accommodate this increased retail traffic, and add a TV-merchandise gift shop and in-house gym for the celebrity-stars, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop building reportedly underwent a $400,000 expansion, increasing the showroom by two thirds.  The shop’s valuable inventory likewise has grown; in 2011 there were over 12,000 items on hand (of which 5000 are said to be held on pawn.)
Security is obviously an important factor for this iconic commercial establishment, given the value of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’s considerable inventory, large cash reserves (as viewers know, they “pay cash in $100 bills”), also its public exposure and  24-hour operation in a way-way-off-strip, urban area.  Napco is pleased that its Gemini Security System and Custom Alpha Keypad was the one selected to provide real protection by the shrewd Harrison family owners, who’s TV credo states they value only two things:  family and money, both of which Napco now helps secure.   Apparently they make good business decisions, too, since in summer 2011, Rick Harrison, star, co-owner/co-founder and show creator, signed a record-breaking 80-episode renewal contract for four more seasons of his series on “History”. Since they are so used to video productions, and are portrayed as having control issues whenever they’re away from the shop, they’d be smart to add iBridge® Remote Services or iSee Video ™ Remote Video so they could control their Gemini Security System and look-in live or on alarm events via cameras, using their smartphones with Napco Apps or on the web, when they’re away 24/7.

Napco Gemini™ GEMRP1CAe2/K1CA Custom Alpha Keypads, used in both commercial and residential security systems, provide intuitive control of the full line of expandable Napco Gemini Security Systems.  Favorite features also include a dynamic custom alphanumeric zone directory, built-in 4 Zone expansion module and actual display of wireless sensor transmission signal strength (1-10), for added reliability.  For more security product information contact Napco Security Technologies at 1-800-645-9445 or visit