Retrofit-1000 Patent For Sale

RetroFit -1000 allows the conversion of existing mechanical pushbutton locks into smart electronic locking devices. It is a replacement part that retrofits inside the housing of a mechanical lock.

By replacing the mechanical combination chamber of a pushbutton lock with the RetroFit-1000 combination chamber, a pushbutton mechanical lock is converted into a multifunction, electronic access control lock. It is used on mechanical locks located on interior and exterior conventional doors.

The Product Developers (engineers) created the company as a direct response to customers' rising demands. They conceived a cost-effective solution to help reduce the maintenance cost, improve the security, plus increase the performance and reliability of the installed base locks and access control systems.

Over the past years sales were made directly to locksmiths. Although the product was well received, this approach didn't prove highly profitable. According to the owners of the patent, it needs a more effective marketing structure so that those millions of pushbutton locks that are  already installed have a chance to be ‘’intelligent.’’

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