Secura Key Launches 16-Door Access Control Panel

Secura Key is launching its NOVA.16 (Model SK-MRCP) multi-reader access control panel, based on the powerful ARM Cortex M3, 32-bit RISC processor. This new platform provides a major technology upgrade to Secura Key’s legacy SK-NET™ system. 

The NOVA.16 connects to the local area network, and it also connects to a high speed, RS485 peripheral network consisting of up to 16 single-door Smart Readers, each containing all of the inputs and outputs to control and monitor a single door.

This combination of a control panel and Smart Readers is far more cost-effective than the traditional 2-reader or 4-reader control panel, or even the newer edge devices.  It eliminates the labor and cost of cable home runs, and multiple control panel installations. This system architecture is similar to high-end system panels, but it is an entirely new topology for the 1-16 door market.

With NOVA.16, expansion is easy and inexpensive: to add individual doors, just connect additional Smart Readers and make all door connections at the reader. To go beyond 16 doors, additional NOVA.16s can be added to the network or be daisy chained using RS485.

NOVA.16 reduces the number of control panels required for multi-door systems, which is a critical issue for IT, Electrical and Utility Rooms, where space for security electronics is at a premium.

NOVA.16 not only communicates with Smart Readers, which are available in contactless or proximity technologies, but it also communicates with the SK-WIO-1 Single Door Wiegand Interface.  The SK-WIO-1 allows any Wiegand device to be connected to NOVA.16, including keypad readers, biometric readers, long range readers, and non-Secura Key card readers.

The NOVA.16’s RS-485 communications lines are hardened with gas discharge tube surge suppression. The NOVA.16 boasts a 3-Amp heavy-duty power supply with power line noise immunity, and it continually monitors backup battery status. Communications speeds and transaction storage capacity have more than doubled over previous controller models.  The ARM platform will enable future feature enhancements and system upgrades. 

NOVA.16 can be combined with Secura Key legacy 2-door control panels on the same system, since they use the same programming conventions and user interface.

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