Do Not Duplicate: The Movie

Locksmith, key maker and safecracker Phil Mortillaro is a decades-long fixture in New York’s West Village. His shop, a tiny triangle on lower 7th Avenue, is the smallest freestanding building in all of Manhattan.

Phil is also a self-taught artist. Do Not Duplicate is a short documentary that chronicles his art, focusing on one specific installation – what he considers his crowning achievement.

Eager to leave a lasting legacy so he won’t be forgotten, Phil labored to transform the entire façade of his building into a celebration of his craft and an homage to the New York City of his childhood, what he calls his “one true love.” A work of art that defies description, Phil’s creation is a masterpiece that captures the creativity and energy of an evolving Greenwich Village.

Two upcoming screenings of this documentary are scheduled later this month in New York City:

Visionfest:  Thursday, June 27th, 9:30 pm, Tribeca Cinemas in NYC

Manhattan Film Festival: June 28th, 1 pm, Quad Cinemas in NYC

For more information or to check out a trailer of the movie, visit his web site,