An Inside Look At Deceptive Locksmith Practices

Minnesota news station interviews whistleblower Frank, a former employee of a company accused of quoting one price on the phone and then overcharging distressed customers.

Here is an interesting Minnesota news report on the fight against scammer locksmiths, which includes an interview with whistleblower “Frank,” hired to answer emergency lockout calls, with no training or experience:

This was their pricing strategy, quoting from the news story. "Frank says when he'd show up at the scene he was told to assess the locked-out situation and then size up the customer. Then he'd charge them whatever he thought he could get out of them. 'The guy that trained me told me to get as much money as possible. So if you can get $180, you get $180. He told me to tell the people that I'd have to use special tools, that it's going to take more time, that the car is difficult.' "

The article also includes tips for finding a reputable locksmith. The state of Minnesota does not have a licensing requirement.

Both Frank and a competing legitimate locksmith are asking the state Attorney General to investigate.

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