Safe Weapon Container System Would Provide Emergency Access To Firearms

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the nation's increasing wave of mass shootings in public areas, Southern California-based Security Solutions has developed a new gun safe system that the company is marketing as an alternative to armed guards. This safe weapon container system houses a firearm only accessible to authorized users via fingerprint-access identification. Different from traditional gun cabinets that feature only a locking mechanism, the Security Solutions system includes a safe, surveillance camera, audio intercom to a manned central station, IP communication interface, biometric input device, door-status contact, tamper switch and delayed verification to release lock.

The solution, which has been met with acceptance by school districts in California and Texas, is designed to enable pre-authorized teachers and school administrators to take immediate, forceful action against an armed gunman or gunmen. In situations where an armed gunman forcibly enters a school campus or classroom, teachers and school administrators are enabled to quickly retrieve a firearm from the steel-reinforced, wall-mounted safe and incapacitate the attacker during the crucial window of time before authorities arrive on the scene.

Upon request to open the safe via fingerprint, the recording of live video and audio is automatically initiated and transmitted to a central command facility‚ÄĒimmediately alerting law enforcement officials. In addition, the high-resolution IP surveillance camera allows central command personnel to view the person requesting that the cabinet be opened to access the gun. The central station has an ability within 15 seconds of request to override the request if it is determined a non-life threatening emergency. This time frame can be adjusted according to operating protocol for individual facilities.

With a nation still in mourning from the senseless loss of life of the Newtown tragedy as well as the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting last July, many believe the time is now for countermeasures. Tim DeWeese, President of Security Solutions, believes his company's device would save lives.

"While it's largely true that most gun-free environments are considered safe havens, massacres of people in gun-free zones are on the rise because the killers know the victims have limited means of protection. Our safe weapon system is a deterrent and form of protection against the free reign of gun violence that, unfortunately, is now commonplace in America."

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