Kaba Ilco Introduces Cloneable Key Head, Less Battery

Rocky Mount, NC, (Jan. 25, 2013) – Kaba Ilco Corp. introduces the EH3LB cloneable head, less battery for the Ilco® modular cloning program. The EH3LB will replace two of the current modular key heads (EH3 and EH3P) for owners of the RW4 Plus, Ilco® EZ-Clone Plus or *Plus Box.

Features include:

  • No battery
  • One head for both TI and Philips encrypted applications
  • Fits all existing Ilco® modular blades

A software update is required to utilize the EH3LB head. This software is FREE to the registered owners of the above mentioned cloning devices. Those who have registered their equipment will automatically receive the update.

Owners who have not registered their cloning devices should contact the Kaba Ilco Corp.
Technical Services Team or register online at www.ilco.us, under Products, Product Registration. Once registration is complete, owners may contact the Technical Services Team (Phone 800-334-1381 option 1, e-mail: info@irm.kaba.com) to obtain information on the Free Software.

Be prepared to provide: Company Name, Contact Name,  Address, Valid e-mail address and Serial Number (this update is for RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus, Plus Box only).

*For owners of an RW4 or Ilco® EZ-Clone, a Plus Box is required to utilize this head.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the EH3LB key head contain a battery?

No, there is no battery in the new EH3LB head.

Does the EH3LB key head fit into the existing Ilco blades?

Yes, the EH3LB head is designed to fit all existing blades from the Ilco modular key program. Currently there are 22 blades available for the Ilco Modular Key System.

Are Complete Keys (EH3LB head with blade) also available?

Yes, complete keys are also available.

Are there separate versions of the EH3LB for Texas Instruments and Philips encrypted applications?

No, only one EH3LB head is needed for both Texas Instruments and Philips encrypted applications.

Will the Snoop continue to work with Philips encrypted applications?

Yes, the Snoop will continue to be used with Philips encrypted applications, simply follow the same procedure.

NOTE: Typically it takes 1-2 minutes at the vehicle using the SNOOP and an additional 2-3 minutes to clone the key.

Will I need special equipment or software updates to use the EH3LB head?

Yes, you will need an RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ Clone Plus, or *Plus Box with software version 03.03.061 or higher in order to use the EH3LB head.

NOTE: Technology has surpassed the capability of older cloning devices (RW2, RW3 etc. devices) and these units cannot be updated to clone modular, electronic keys.