Secura Key Continues to Provide Wiegand Cards to the Access Control Industry

Chatsworth, CA - Secura Key has been and continues to be a reliable and trusted manufacturing resource for many types of access control cards.  Now, Secura Key is the only resource for Wiegand Cards to the industry.

HID® Global Corp has recently notified its customers that it is discontinuing its Wiegand card and reader line as of Jan. 31, 2013, except for some iCLASS®/Wiegand transition cards, which will be offered through April 30, 2013.

Secura Key also manufactures multi-technology Wiegand cards, such as Wiegand + Contactless, for those who would like to transition to a newer card technology.  Multi-technology transition cards allow the end-user to keep using their system, while replacing the Wiegand swipe readers at their own pace. Secura Key’s e*Tag® readers output SIA standard Wiegand data, and can easily replace existing Wiegand Swipe readers, using the existing field wiring. 

Secura Key manufactures Wiegand + MIFARE, and Wiegand + DESFire dual-technology cards, as well as special MIFARE and DESFire compatible e*Tag® readers. Secura Key has already provided these Transition Cards and readers for a major multi-national transportation company.   Secura Key can manufacture Wiegand cards in virtually any format, if the technical specification for the format is provided. 

Secura Key also offers custom card printing capability, with the latest digital 4-color printing technology from Hewlett Packard.  Secura Key offers Wiegand Cards in matte or glossy (graphics quality) finish, with available features such as magnetic stripe, slot punching, laser engraving and ink jetting.

For over 40 years, Secura Key has manufactured access control systems, cards, keytags and readers.  Originally well known for its Barium Ferrite TouchCard™ products, Secura Key now provides software-based systems with proximity technology, and also supplies HF contactless smart card readers and credentials to the RFID industry, as well as UHF cards and keytags.  Secura Key also offers in-house custom card manufacturing and 4-color printing in a wide variety of card technologies. 

Secura Key’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Chatsworth, California. Further information on Secura Key is available at