Master Lock Safety Series A Hit At Conference

MILWAUKEE – November 7, 2012 – Master Lock Safety Series™ products have a highly successful track record, and innovative, reliable safety lockout padlocks and devices tend to attract crowds.  That’s what happened at the National Safety Council’s Congress and Expo, held October 22-24 in Orlando.  The Master Lock booth experienced many more visitors this year as they presented a full line of premier safety padlocks, lockout/tagout (LOTO) devices and covers.

 “As the undisputed industry leader in Lockout products and services, we showcased our extensive selection of safety padlocks including the designed-for-safety thermoplastic line and the popular aluminum padlocks, as well as other Safety Series devices, signs and tags and consulting services,” said Todd Morrison, Master Lock Product Manager. 

“Our new exhibit at the Expo included interactive product displays for hands-on demonstrations and touch screen monitors for our application videos.  Visitors really valued the opportunity to try the products and quickly experienced how easy it is to use Master Lock devices.  In addition to the visual lockout procedures of our Lockout consulting and an introductory look at a new ball valve lockout product, we also focused our attention on aviation specific lockout items and the consulting services we offer.”

The NSC venue provided a preview of the new S3081 Adjustable Ball Valve, which prevents accidental activation of a closed ball valve.  It works in tandem with the S806 cable lockout for the most secure fit and will be available for shipment this month.  Reaction to the S2151 Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Covers and the permanent S2153 Installed Cover remained highly favorable at NSC.  These products continue to exceed all expectations, due mostly to the versatility they afford.

“The Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Covers have proven to be a solid solution for temporary shutdown situations,” Morrison revealed.  “Our customers at the show noted how pleased they are because it has lived up to its billing as a highly effective visual and locked deterrent. By preventing access to a power switch when a worker needs to make an adjustment to any equipment, the odds of risking an accident and injury are now reduced.”

Master Lock’s aviation products have scored well in the marketplace since being introduced earlier this year.  On display at NSC were the S2329 Aircraft Circuit Breaker Lockout device, the S2029 Aircraft Power Receptacle Lockout, and the S4529 Aircraft Lockout Tags and an assortment of lockout padlocks.

“We were excited by the highly positive response and feedback we received on our Aircraft lockout products from visitors representing both industry leading aircraft manufacturers and aircraft maintenance facilities,” Morrison said. 

“Discussions with NSC visitors often began about the type of padlock they use, but they developed into solid conversations about specific lockout situations that Master Lock devices address.  We also had some great talks about the exceptional qualities of our Guardian Extreme™ signs and tags and our Safety consulting and visual procedures.”

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