ASSA ABLOY Americas University eLearning Website Gets Upgrade

ASSA ABLOY Americas University is upgrading its eLearning website,  The site will be down periodically beginning Friday, Oct. 26 for the upgrade.

We are making it easier for you to negotiate around the site by presenting only the types of courses that are pertinent to you.


Students will be able to:

  • Choose your default geographical area of the world (University > Campus)
  • Bookmark URLs to your "favorites folder" to take you to exactly what category of training you are interested in. (University > Campus > School)
  • Only the topics and courses that are pertinent to you are presented after you log on.     



  • Existing students enrolled in the University will automatically be directed to their CAMPUS
  • CAMPUS = geographical location, such as Americas, EMEA
  •  New students enrolling in the university will be able to choose their geographical area
  • When logging on they will be taken to their default CAMPUS
  • After negotiating to the SCHOOL of their choosing, student can bookmark the SCHOOL in their browser. Students will be taken to their default SCHOOL each time they log on.


Landing Page Structure

Landing Pages are specific website addresses (URLs) that can be used to direct students to the Campus' such as "Americas, EMEA, etc." or Schools such as "Sargent, Aperio, etc." See Graphics for more information.

  1. Log on area
  2. Enroll in the University
  3. "You are Here" Campus
  4. Campus selector          
  5. "You are Here" School
  6. School Selector
  7. Online Topics for this School
  8. Courses appear when selecting a Topic
  9. Talking Head about this page
  10. Information about this page
  11. Special Invitation Code box
  12. Instructor Led Courses (Americas Only)