Napco StarLink™ App Now Available For iPhone/iPad® and Droids™

Now available for Napco’s popular StarLink SLE-GSMUniversal Radio, is the “My Home Starlink” App by Napco Security Technologies, Inc.. The App can be downloaded for iPhone/iPad or Droid smart devices, free from iTunes, Android Market or Google Play. The StarLink application enables end-users to easily control the ARMING and DISARMING of their security system via the StarLink Radio with the touch of a central button on any iPhone/IPad or Droid.

An innovative universal full-data GSM alarm system communicator, Napco StarLink GSM, works on any brand alarm panel (communicating on Point ID or 4/2) and is an economical replacement or backup to traditional hardwire land lines, communicating by wirelessly transmitting alarm signals to any central station. 

With its suggested dealer price under $100 (USD), StarLink is affordable enough to standardize on for every account. It can be used as primary or backup communications, so POTS or copper phone lines are never a concern again.  StarLink reliablt gets signals through, even in difficult fringe areas. Because the radio itself is future-proof, and upgradable for any changes in cell carrier networks, 3G, 4G…xG, etc.

With no-fee activation, easy to install, StarLink Radios have 1-Step enrollment and programming built in, ready out-of-the-box for most jobs. Automatic dialer-capture technology eliminates time-consuming web setup. Ideal for takeovers – SLE-GSM gives dealers the ability to change designated CS reporting phone numbers without re-downloading the panels. Starlink also optionally offers Napco Gemini dealers fast full remote up/downloading to GEM Panels in minutes. Additionally, alarm central stations do not have to install any special equipment to receive the StarLink signals. In addition to the new StarLink App for smart devices, some other advanced options are also selectable online during setup, including Email or Text/SMS messages alerts.

Since StarLink is a natural sale for dealers to add on to new and existing accounts, Napco has developed a freeStarLink2 Enduser Trifold Brochure that fits in a business envelope, can be self-addressed or be used as a statement stuffer, part no. A606. For more, StarLink2 SLE-GSM info., ask your local Napco distributor, call your Napco Sales Representative at 1-800-645-9445, or go online <>