New Website, New Look, New Silent Electrification Option… The RITE Door®

In an effort to coincide with the release of its latest product innovation “Silent Electrification,” Adams Rite has launched itd all-new RITE Door® website. The revised site,, features a clean new look, is easy to navigate and has all the information, specifications and online tools needed to make selecting, specifying and ordering the RITE Door easier than ever before.

Developed with the input of industry professionals and end users, The RITE Door integrated system is a high-performance door with pre-installed hardware that meets fire codes, is quick and easy to install and combines durability and style into a single package suitable for the highest traffic and most demanding locations. It also features a generous range of colors and options to blend with any application.

In addition to integrated door and frame product information, the new website features a detailed Applications page that illustrates the various types of installations, along with a Photo Gallery page that showcases the huge range of options, colors and architectural designs that the RITE Door line has to offer. 

The SE (Silent Electrification) Option is the latest innovation from The RITE Door line and is rapidly becoming a favorite among security pros worldwide. The SE motorized latch retraction option boasts not only near-silent operation, but a low current draw (.4 amps run .2 amps hold) that allows for lighter gauge wiring and a reduced amperage power supply. This provides increased functionality and control with combined electric dogging and latch retraction. It’s a perfect solution for quiet environments such as hospitals, hotels, offices, theaters and more.

To learn more about the leading-edge SE Option as well as other RITE Door products and applications, please visit the newly revamped