New Kaba Access Control Product Catalogs Available

Kaba’s new E-Plex®, Simplex®, and Peaks® product catalogs offer end-users, locksmiths, dealers, and distributors a comprehensive resource for identifying products by model number and feature set. The catalog pages detail product information, including images, descriptions, and technical specifications. In addition, the product configurator helps build an exact part number and provides the list price with any additional costs for options.

The E-Plex catalog covers a broad range of electronic locks varying from simple stand-alone PIN and/or card access locks to more advanced locks that require software for managing many users and doors.

The Simplex catalog includes an extensive line of mechanical pushbutton locks. These locks do not require keys or cards to manage, computers to program, or batteries to replace. The new edition updates exit device compatibility on certain Simplex Locks and includes mortise options for the Simplex 5000 Lock.

The Peaks catalog incorporates information on the Peaks Preferred and Classic Patented Key Control Systems. Both systems offer a cost-effective and secure method for key control management. Patents on the key-and-cylinder, vendor contractual agreements, and key blank control eliminate the unauthorized manufacture and duplication of keys.

An electronic copy of the catalog is available at To obtain a printed copy at no charge, contact Kaba Access Control at 800.849.8324.