Rosslare goPROX™ Readers with Genuine HID Technology™ Featured at IFSEC

Visit Rosslare Security Products at booth #4/C110 and meet Mark Scaparro, SR. VP Global of Sales and Marketing to learn more about Rosslare's Expanded Strategic Platform for the Security Industry.

AT IFSEC, Rosslare will be demonstrating the following products:

Rosslare goPROX™ Readers with Genuine HID Technology™ - The new line of readers support both standard Rosslare PROX cards (ASK) and HID Prox™ cards (FSK).

When functioning as a reader, the unit connects to any standard controller; when connected to Rosslare’s PS-x5 family of intelligent power supply/relay units, the reader converts into a fully-featured, 500-user standalone controller.

Rosslare PROX Family - The largest and most versatile reader family in the entire security industry.  A reader for every situation: from simple single or dual authentication readers, metal anti-vandal readers, long range readers, environmental readers that can function down to -40° C and now a new line of dual-modulation readers that can read Rosslare PROX and HID Prox™ using Genuine HID Technology™.

ExpansE™ – A new, innovative distributed Access Control system, based on embedded software, designed to provide a powerful security solution for large solution requirements.

ExpansE’s flexible architecture, configuration possibilities, and variety of control options, along with an intelligent, easy-to-configure decision-making engine, make it simple to plan for a wide range of deployment environments and solutions. The ExpansE™ system allows managing multiple remote sites from one control center, enabling major organizations and companies to simplify and better manage their access control operations.

AxTraxNG™ The new generation in Access Control Management software. AxTraXNG™ is a complete server-client software management system that allows managing modular networked access control panels. It is user-friendly, intuitive, reliable, and rich in functionality. Using the cutting-edge development platform, AxTraXNG™ enables integrating and deploying various security and Time & Attendance applications with ease.

AC-425 – A new dual/quad networked access controller for use with AxTraxNG™ software.  It is suitable for applications with up to 30,000 users and up to 8184 doors, allowing maximum flexibility for securing a growing enterprise.

AY-B1660 & AY-B2660 – Rosslare’s new line of Mifare® Capacitive Full Fingerprint Readers are small, elegant, accurate, and cost effective. The readers provide a high level of security, while preserving the user’s privacy. The family of Mifare® fingerprint readers uses a capacitive Match-On-Card (MOC) technology to instantly verify fingerprint data with up to two biometric templates stored on the Mifare® card itself.

AYC-B7661 – Rosslare’s new standalone biometric reader/controller. The AYC-B7661’s sensor verifies between fingerprint data and a biometric template stored in the unit. The AYC-B7661 is convertible – it can work as a reader or as a standalone controller and supports 1:1 or 1:N technologies.

Pre-release showing will include:

HomeInsight™ – A revolutionary Smart Home Security System (US patent pending). The HomeInsight™ system is Rosslare's ”2nd Level Redundancy™” Intrusion system with high sophisticated video verification capability. Even in situations where the main panel has been tampered with, the HomeInsight™ system continues working – the user and the CMS continue to receive an ongoing status of the event via IP and Cloud technology. The system is equipped with supervised infrared motion detectors with built-in cameras, providing the basic three pictures during and after the event, and is capable of delivering additional exclusive pictures and videos per user or CMS request! The HomeInsight™ system works with Rosslare's state of the art intrusion system, the new advanced HLX-20, as well as with other vendor's main panels in various configurations!

Rosslare Open to SECURE (O2S) Mifare® DESFire®EV1 Readers An open 13.56 Mifare® DESFire® EV-1 technology family of readers.  The Open to SECURE readers offer an Open market platform that can then be SECURE by the market according to its needs and application. The readers allow for both Mifare® Classic and Mifare® DESFire® EV-1 in one reader. The readers also include OSDP high security 485 communications that allow for system reader changes over secure communication from the access control panel and reader. – An online service for card orders and personalization service by Rosslare.  A fast and efficient method to order your Rosslare PROX and Mifare®cards with complete card design personalization.

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