CLIQ Remote Key Management Solution Introduced

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 29, 2012 — ASSA ABLOY today announced the introduction of its CLIQ REMOTE model NQ421 WallPD and NQ422 MobilePD, two devices that enable ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ keys to be programmed from remote locations.

The NQ431 WallPD and NQ422 MobilePD are the latest additions to the ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ system, a complete, patented range of electromechanical cylinder locks, cabinet locks, padlocks and keys that incorporate both mechanical and programmable electronic locking technologies to provide the highest level of security.

The NQ421 WallPD mounts on a wall and connects to a central server via LAN, while the NQ422 MobilePD is a handheld programming unit that communicates with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. Both models have the ability to program ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ keys by downloading information received from the central administrative server into the keys. This functionality makes it practical to install NQ421s and NQ422s in locations even over a geographically wide area.

“Our new CLIQ Remote devices provide an easy way to program and manage keys throughout an entire organization,” said Corbin Anderson, National Sales Manager, Abloy Security. “It enables a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, business, transportation, the military and others to ensure complete control over which people have access to all or any part of their facilities.”

The CLIQ Remote units are programmed and administered using the CLIQ Web Manager key management software. Because the keys can be programmed remotely, less administrative work and computers are required to get the right keys to the right people. The keys can be programmed to operate selected locks within a facility, ensuring that only properly authorized personnel will have access to designated areas. Even the days and times that a key is functional can be programmed. The keys contain a chip that interacts with the encrypted electronic code in the chip embedded in the lock – providing maximum electronic as well as mechanical security.

The CLIQ Web Manager also provides reporting back to the central administrator. The time a lock was accessed, how many times a lock has been used and even who used it can be tracked. The chance of misusing the system is minimized, since the NQ421 and NQ422 do not store the data they receive.