DORMA Introduces New Security Solutions: Seamlessly Integrated Spec, Delivery and Installation

Reamstown, PA, March 23, 2012 - DORMA introduces its new line of electronic access control solutions. This new solution enables utmost simplicity, speed and accuracy in specifying, creating, delivering, installing and operating virtually any electronic-access controlled entrance. This technical integration relies on DORMA's Approach door controller and associated software, created in collaboration with Brivo Systems LLC.

DORMA's security solutions, paired with the DORMA Approach door controller, drives a totally integrated package, taking the guesswork out of purchasing and installing access control components. The result: seamless integration of mechanical, electronic and software systems that offer unprecedented ease of design, installation and operation. The new offering features web-based administration and configuration.

Because access control is more than just specifying a credential, this integrated system enables practically anyone to fully and correctly specify an access-controlled entrance - just by developing a simple, textual description of its desired operation. Using this straightforward, user-provided information to perfectly select and match all electronic and mechanical components needed for the project eliminates the need for expert involvement at the critical first stage.

From that initial description of desired functionality, DORMA creates a complete wiring diagram and a fully inclusive parts list, enabling all required manufacturing, configuration and factory assembly with exceptional speed and accuracy. The traditional separate steps of parts selection, manufacturing and integration are performed at the DORMA plant. When it's delivered, the entrance assembly is complete and ready for installation - which is carried out exclusively by DORMA-certified installers.

"DORMA's electronic access control solution deliver what we call 'intelligence at the edge' - total integration that ties all the electronics together and consolidates the complexity of any entrance project at the opening," said David Katz, DORMA's director of business development. "The system employs perfectly matched components and requires zero configuration outside the assembly and manufacturing process."

Benefits accrue from the electronic access control solution at every stage of the project, from specification to operation. Specifications can be prepared by personnel without specialized training, so the time of engineering experts is freed up for other projects. Also, specifiers can profitably handle smaller projects that otherwise might have been inefficient for them. Installers work in total confidence that all parts are properly selected, matched and installed; the completed assembly functions without a hitch. General contractors are spared logistical headaches because the whole project is correctly "kitted." Building owners receive quick, correct installations. The chain of responsibility is not a problem; DORMA or DORMA-certified experts handle any issue. And the ease of control and operation provided to the end users is where the full value of DORMA Premium Access Solutions is realized.