Flexible Lockdown Options Address Campus Security Challenges

Winston-Salem, NC -- With emergency response plans being a top priority for many, Kaba Access Control has incorporated multiple lockdown options in its E-Plex® Wireless Access Control System. From the Dashboard, users can centrally manage lock commands such as remote unlock, passage, and emergency lockdown. The system’s lockdown choices suit virtually any site and include global, door group, or single door lockdown. In addition, lockdown can be executed right at a door, providing instantaneous and convenient security.

According to Rick Shuford, CRL and Kaba’s product trainer, “We designed the E-Plex Wireless System with emergency commands to help organizations deal with readiness and response in the event of a threat or crisis. Kaba’s System Lockdown provides security directors, facility managers, and staff the flexibility to address immediate needs when they occur on campus.”

In addition, the E-Plex Wireless System requires no wires, conduit runs, access panels, or trenching/drilling. Entire properties, including remote buildings, can be joined to the E-Plex Wireless System without installation hassles and extensive costs. The E-Plex Wireless System is supported exclusively through a Certified Dealer Network. For more information, contact a Kaba Sales Representative, Certified Wireless Dealer, visit www.kabaaccess.com or contact our Customer Service at 800.849.8324.