Locksmith Ledger

October 2009

Locksmith Ledger International is the leader in providing cutting edge product information and installation techniques for the Locksmith and Installing Security Profesional. Every month, Locksmith Ledger International highlights new products, as well as, their step by step installation process making it a must read and a reference tool for the future.

Electromechanical Lock Overview

Anatomy of a Safe Lock: Three-Wheel Combination Locks Old and New

Hinges And Pivots: The Things That Swings Doors

Art Misiewicz: Institutional Locksmith Extraordinaire

Ge AccessPoint™ Locking Key Cabinet

Pacific Lock’s PAC-KEEPER: Passive Key Management


SDC Door Raceway Pro and the Intertek Perfect Raceway Program

Products You Need From ESP

Locksmithing Etc.

What’s New In Video Surveillance?

Olympus FC10 Lock: Hon F24/F28 File Cabinets

Bethany College Toughens Up Exit Devices for Better Security

SCHLAGE LiNK™ Wireless Home Management System