Locksmith Ledger

October 2007

Locksmith Ledger International is the leader in providing cutting edge product information and installation techniques for the Locksmith and Installing Security Profesional. Every month, Locksmith Ledger International highlights new products, as well as, their step by step installation process making it a must read and a reference tool for the future.

Schlage B500 Series: Deadbolt Redesign

Hinge REPLACEMENT Brings Profits

The Relationship Between Building & Fire Codes

Good Reasons For Locksmiths To Do Electronics

Using the Internet To Reach Potential Customers

HOTWIRE: A New Way to Program Transponders

Making the Grade: DORMA’s Grade 1 D800 Series Deadbolt

RYTAN ePASS IV: Standalone Electronics for the Home


30 Under 30: Justin Trueland

What's New In Intercoms? Viking Electronics E-50 Compact Entry Phone

Standalone Card Reader Systems Bridge the Gap

Napa Valley Keys in Higher Security with Safe Schools