Locksmith Ledger

May 2006

Locksmith Ledger International is the leader in providing cutting edge product information and installation techniques for the Locksmith and Installing Security Profesional. Every month, Locksmith Ledger International highlights new products, as well as, their step by step installation process making it a must read and a reference tool for the future.

Major Manufacturing: Hit-38 Speed Mortiser

Controlling Access with Electric Strikes

Working with Interchangeable Cores When Keys are Not Available

Electric Strike

Mckinney Continuous Hinge Installation

Kaba E-Plex 2000: Curb Appeal Without The Sticker Shock

Installing the SARGENT 7500 Interconnected Lock

Masterkeying Disc Tumbler Locks

Marks USA Classroom Intruder Series Locks

Marks USA Classroom Intruder Series Locks