Keyscan Inc.

Company Details:
901 Burns St., E.
Whitby, ON L1N6A6 Canada

Phone: 905-430-7226
Toll Free: 888-539-7226
Fax: 905-430-7275

Keyscan is a privately held organization focused on access control hardware and software development and manufacturing. With over 25 years dedicated to access control, Keyscan has established itself as one of the premier access control brands on the market today. Keyscan is renowned as having the best in class sales and technical support services group in the industry. Keyscan products are used throughout the world securing embassies, military bases, hospitals, power generating facilities, automobile dealerships, banks, schools, multi-national organizations, retail establishments as well as small and medium sized businesses. Keyscan systems are sold by its network of dealers and distributors throughout Canada, US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Great Britain, and Europe.



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