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RemoteLock from LockState gives you remote control of your door lock over the internet from your PC or smartphone. The RemoteLock replaces your existing lock and connects to the Wi-Fi router already in your home. This internet connected lock gives you the ability to check the lock status and lock or unlock remotely from anywhere in the world. From your online account, you can add and delete access codes, set access schedules, and check access history. Even receive text alerts when the lock is accessed.

RemoteLock is part of the LockState Connect product line. Founded in 2004, Colorado-based LockState brings the power of the internet and remote control to common devices such as door locks, thermostats, power plugs and more so that home and business owners can stay connected with their properties. LockState’s mission is to utilize the internet to extend the convenience and connectivity we have come to expect from the web to these every-day devices to solve common problems that arise when owners are away from their property.

For commercial use, the RemoteLock ACS is a cloud-based access management system that integrates external door controllers with internal stand-alone Wi-Fi connected locks for a complete access solution. With an easy to use and intuitive browser-based interface, the system integrates open architecture hardware from best-in-class manufacturers like Mercury and HID. Whether you have one door or thousands, the RemoteLock ACS brings solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses that were previously out of reach.

LockState has long been a leading manufacturer of push button door locks allow you to open your door with an easy to remember personal code or lock it with a push of a single button. LockState keyless entry locks allow you to easily program multiple users, or even delete them in minutes.

LockState, a leader in web-connected home and business security automation technology, recently received funding from Cypress Growth Capital, which it will use to further innovate commercial and residential connected access control.



LockState LS-DB500

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LockState LS-1500

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ResortLock RL4000

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