Company Details:
1325 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 400
Denver, CO 80222

Phone: 303-317-3422
Toll Free: 1 (877) 254-5625

Established in 2004, LockState entered the market with a line of home & office safes and keyless entry locks.  With a focus on providing a quality and affordable line of products, LockState has enjoyed significant growth over the years and has grown its product line to over 50 sku’s.

LockState launched the ResortLock product line in 2008 after seeing a high demand from rental property owners to remotely control access for their guests.  The ResortLock solves several problems for the rental property market including eliminating the need for a key exchange, security issues around keys, lockouts from lost keys and ensuring guests don’t access their property before or after they are scheduled.  ResortLock does not require any sort of connectivity (via RF or Wi-Fi) but instead utilizes an algorithm to generate time-based codes.  Once generated by the ResortLock software, this code is understood by the lock which utilizes the same algorithm to decrypt the code.

LockState has also launched a line of Wi-Fi connected products including a door lock, thermostat and power plugs under the LockState Connect brand.  Users can control all of their home devices via any web connected computer or smartphone.  To learn more about their products, visit www.LockState or www.LockStateConnect.com.



LockState LS-DB500

From LockState

LockState LS-1500

From LockState

ResortLock RL4000

From LockState