U-Locks, LLC

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P.O BOX 112039
Nashville, TN 37222

Phone: 615-333-8352
Toll Free: 888-691-3227
Fax: 615-333-9694


The U-Locks® tradition began when Aroll Jones invented the first U-Shape Handle or Door Pull. Today U-Locks Door Pull is the brand behind U-Locks® Anti-Bump Deadbolt Locking System. U-Locks, LLC aspires to become a national and global consumer brand by manufacturing high quality door securing hardware. Head Quarters in Nashville with manufacturing partners in the great state of Tennessee.

U-Locks® bring a new level of Anti-Bumping security with New Tech-Deadbolts and Door Strike design for both exterior and interior doors. For home and utility doors, our customer base includes locksmith, hardware stores, distributors, dealers, institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential end-users.

U-Locks, LLC strides to become a worldwide leader in design development and marketing U-Shaped Door Locks. U-Locks hold Patents & Trade Marks for its innovative products that conform to the American with Disability Act or ADA standards that supports U-Shaped Handles which include our product line of Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Chrome Silver, Ebony & Ivory style U-Locks. By using Anti-Pick Deadbolt Locks as the primary lock on any door; the U-locks brand brings real security to your home or business.





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