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Erie, PA 16505

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Builders' Hardware provides facility managers, general contractors, architects and home owners with solutions, products and services to build and maintain the integrity of their properties.

Our Commitment to you

Builders' Hardware will always have a team of Architectural Hardware Consultant's(AHC) and Certified Door Consultant's(CDC) available to help you with your specific door, frame, and hardware security and safety concerns. This is our commitment to your success.

Builders' Hardware and Specialty Company provides doors, frames, hardware, fabrication and specialty products and services for commercial and institutional building projects. Whether you are an owner, architect, contractor or end user, we have something for the entire building team.

With specialized information technology systems, on-site value added manufacturing, and regional distribution centers, Builders' Hardware is able to supply and deliver doors, door frames, architectural door hardware, and specialty products on-time and within budget.

We proudly serves the following regions: Western Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio, and Western New York, West Virginia.

Did you know that Builders' Hardware is one of the largest privately held architectural distribution companies in the United States? Since opening our doors in 1956, we have enjoyed servicing our customers needs and desires in a professional, honest, sincere, and timely manner. We have been proud to deliver on our promise.

Builders' Hardware is dedicated to your security and safety. To demonstrate our commitment, high percentage of our engineering and sales staff have become industry leaders and certified industry professionals. Through education and hands-on-training our professional staff has become certified in the federal, state and local industry codes and acceptable practices. This is our commitment to you!

Builders' Hardware is a company of industry certified professionals with real solutions, resulting in superior quality and exceptional customer service. Our teams of commercial specialists provide architects, general contractors, and developers with total division 8 and division 10 product solutions and services. Specific examples include; specification writing, project detailing, hardware installation, and on-time product delivery.

Our residential specialists provide the home owner, developer, or carpenter with a wide selection of high-end doors, door frames, and door hardware. However, in addition to doors and door hardware, Builders' Hardware also has in stock a wide variety of durable and elegant residential hardware, fixtures and accessories to accent any area of an elegant home. Please call or visit our residential showrooms.

We know your time matters, and that is why Builders' Hardware has taken the extra steps to excel above the competition by investing in high capacity semis trucks and local flat bed delivery trucks to guarantee on time delivery and exceptional quality. Call Builders' Hardware today because we deliver to your satisfaction.

Builders' Hardware

If you have a challenge or a specific business need please do not hesitate contacting us today at any of our regional offices.

Hinge Tweaker Tool

Hinge Tweaker Tool

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