InstaKey Security Systems

Company Details:
7456 W. 5th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226

Phone: 303-761-9999
Toll Free: 800-316-5397
Fax: 303-761-6359

Instakey designs, sells, implements and manages mechanical key control systems fundamentally based on 4 critical components:

1.  Restricted / serial numbered keys that prohibit duplication without proper authorization and allows the end user to track indiviudal keys to indivudal key holders.

2.  Instant ability to re-key a cylinder by simply turning the new key in the pre-designed sequence of keys.  This re-key ability can be done at any level of a master key system without afftecting any other level.

3.  Patented, internet based software that allows decentralization of the management functions involved in large programs while simultaneously insuring that all data is "connected" real time - no human error.

4.  Proven administration policies and procedures that end users can use in their organizations to insure that the total prorgam continues as efficently in 20 years as it did the day it was installed.


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