Gale Johnson

Locksmith Ledger editor Gale Johnson gives his insights on the access control, security and locksmith industries.

  • Code Crazy

    By Gale Johnson - Wednesday September 18, 2013
    Locksmith E.D. Reed began collecting key codes eighty years ago. His code collection was distributed in two leather-bound books, one for general codes and one for padlocks.  Forty years ago Locksmith Ledger purchased the Reed Code system. Key codes...
  • Bond Rights and Wrongs

    By Gale Johnson - Wednesday February 6, 2013
    Business cards used by my father's old locksmith business stated, "qualified bonded locksmiths."   The statement looked good on his business cards and nobody ever questioned the nature of his bond.   By only using the word 'bond' and not attaching a...
  • Make Advertising Dollars Work

    By Gale Johnson - Thursday November 8, 2012
    Ten or twenty years ago there was no question that your business required a Yellow Page presence.  Jobs are derived from two sources, return customers and new customers.  In a non-emergency situation, a former customer who requires your services again...
  • New Challenges Ahead

    By Gale Johnson - Friday September 14, 2012
    Electronic security is quickly making its way into every corner of the security industry. What began as a trickle twenty years ago has now become a steady stream of new product introductions.  The first noticeable change happened in the hotel industry...

    By Gale Johnson - Thursday June 21, 2012
    Sometimes old news makes the best reading. Ken Dunckel wrote a letter to the editor in our August, 1992 issue where he complained about locksmiths who do safe work. His argument was that only the "consecrated few" should be doing safe work and "authorized...
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