Jerry Levine

Locksmith Ledger technical editor Jerry Levine offers his technical insights on the access control, security and locksmith industries.

  • Unsecured Doors

    By Jerry Levine - Monday February 24, 2014
    Security begins with a closed and latched door. Lately I have been seeing a significant number of slightly open doors at malls, airports and office buildings. Some had signage referencing doors must be locked. These doors were in the open where anyone who...
  • California AB 759

    By Jerry Levine - Thursday January 16, 2014
    The role of the locksmith in the State of California is in for a shake-up, if AB 759 authored by Assemblymember Tom Daly passes. The Business and Professions Code, "Prohibits a person from engaging in the activities of a locksmith unless he or she...
  • Security and Public Safety at the Locksmith Ledger Offices

    By Jerry Levine - Tuesday January 14, 2014
    The Locksmith Ledger magazine office moved to a different floor within the same building. Some time was required for the new offices to be painted, upgraded and made ready for habitation. The move-in day arrived and the employees began in the new...
  • Electronic Access Control for your Customer

    By Jerry Levine - Monday September 30, 2013
    Locksmiths have been installing electronic access control for about half a century. The first one I installed was an electric strike with two remote releases for the front door of a jewelry store. The electric strike offered the jeweler the opportunity to...
  • Return of the Automotive Mechanical Key and Lock?

    By Jerry Levine - Wednesday August 7, 2013
    Manufacturers are having difficulty maintaining security for their vehicles as a new problem is happening to Volkswagen. Even if Volkswagen is able to prevent the release of a paper from the University of Birmingham in England, the cat is out of the...
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