Newsbriefs August 2014

Hotel Hugo Opens Doors with VingCard Elsafe Products

A recent addition to Manhattan's emerging Hudson Square district, the upscale and newly opened Hotel Hugo has already demonstrated its commitment to providing the best in guest safety and convenience  through its partnership with VingCard Elsafe. Built in the same neighborhood where George Washington first coined the term "New Yorker," the Hotel Hugo is once again bringing an increasingly mainstream concept to the area through its implementation of Signature RFID by VingCard guestroom door locks. Favored for their ability to overcome vulnerabilities associated with more traditional alternatives, the RFID locks at the Hotel Hugo also come with enhanced guest convenience abilities, thanks to VISIONLINE by VingCard, a proprietary wireless networking platform that connects standalone electronic locks and other guestroom devices and systems, via a central property server.

"As a new addition to Manhattan, we feel it is essential to stand out as a modern and stylish establishment that can also provide guests with the highest level of safety and convenience," said David McManus, General Manager of the Hotel Hugo. "With Signature RFID and VISIONLINE by VingCard, Hotel Hugo has the ability to provide a first class guest experience that travelers have come to expect when visiting one of the world's top tourist destinations."

Using Signature RFID by VingCard, hotels gain a powerful contactless solution that allows guests to effortlessly gain access to their guestrooms by waving keycards within proximity of an RFID reader, therefore circumventing the problematic misreads that often plague magstripe alternatives. An additional advantage over the older magstripe technology is Signature's ability to provide unmatched anti-cloning security through its encrypted platform that ensures against any potential unauthorized access.

Expected to see increased widespread usage over the next few years, Signature RFID by VingCard locks are designed to be easily adaptable to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, providing guests with the possibility of using their own mobile devices as room keys. As a property that prides itself on its elegant, yet approachable design, Hotel Hugo also benefits from the lock's aesthetically pleasing appearance that requires only a small RFID reader on the door.

In addition to Signature's numerous benefits, the presence of VISIONLINE by VingCard at the Hotel Hugo also eliminates the need to manually encode keycards, cancel master cards or check battery life. With VISIONLINE, remote audit trail and live-card tracking capabilities provide the hotel with considerably more control over property security, as well as a valuable cache of data in the event of a potential guest dispute.

"The justification for implementing a system such as VISIONLINE really becomes apparent when staff and guests alike are able to benefit from its many advantages," said McManus. "In addition to a heightened sense of security provided by features such as its keycard tracking ability, VISIONLINE by VingCard allows staff to remotely extend keycards to other guestrooms if needed. The expediency and convenience gained by such a service has undeniably enhanced Hotel Hugo's ability to maintain operational efficiency while continuing to ensure the satisfaction of each guest."

Hotel Hugo additionally opted to install SENTINEL series by Elsafe safes. The implementation gives guests the option of safeguarding valuables using their own personalized key code access. A safe created with design conscious hoteliers in mind, the stylish Sentinel series is also the only UL-1037 approved safe currently on the market.

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Marks USA Relaunches Web Site

Marks USA has launched its updated website, The new site has a fresh new look and was designed with customer needs in mind. The user-friendly navigation provides easy access to Marks USA's entire product line including the NEW ArchiTech™ Series Networx Locks. Other features include: interactive Sales Locator map and updated, easy-to-download literature including new price book with individual page download, online literature request form, homepage Featured Products section and links to  upcoming Trade Shows.

The new website has been designed to be easier to navigate, taking customers more quickly to the content which is relevant to them. It continues to provide all of the information that was previously available. However, the new look and reorganization will offer easier access and clearer direction to relevant content.

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ABUS USA Enters Video Surveillance Market

ABUS has expanded its product offering in the United States with a new line of video surveillance sets. These new electronic security products include two different monitor and camera sets, two types of accessory cameras and an electronic door viewer.

The new monitor and camera sets as well as the door viewer are part of ASC’s Plug-n-Play product line, offering a quick and easy setup. The TVAC15000C is an entry-level product with a 3.5” monitor and a wireless night-vision camera with motion detection. The TVAC16000C second consists of a 7” touch screen monitor, a wireless night-vision camera and an app that can be used to monitor homes or small businesses from anywhere in the world using a tablet or smartphone. Both sets support a maximum of 4 cameras that can be purchased separately.

The HD door viewer is mounted on the inside of a front door in place of an ordinary and already existing spyhole. Activate the screen with the push of a button to clearly and quickly see who is on the other side of the door. This unit also captures HD quality photos.

“With the introduction of the video surveillance products, we are now able to offer a bigger part of the company’s product range which is great because many people in the U.S. aren’t familiar with all that ABUS has to offer,” said Jade Meyer, regional sales manager, ABUS USA. “Our strength lies in the ability to offer complete security concepts and we have just added another piece to the puzzle.”

ABUS boasts an extensive history in the field of video surveillance. Its daughter company ‘ABUS Security-Center’ (ASC) has been offering cameras, monitors and alarm systems for 15 years and are developing their own software solutions.

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